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Brookstone Massage Therapy offers:


If you are suffering from tight, knotted muscles this is the massage treatment for you. This is not a torture session if done right. I have the strength and endurance to get in deep and break apart the knots and adhesions that are causing you pain. I also have the patience to work my way in slowly so that discomfort is minimized and your treatment is more effective.


Getting you ready for the game and taking care of you after. You have an active lifestyle and enjoy pushing yourself. Sports massage is an awesome way to maximize your performance. Regular sports massage will increase your physical potential whatever your game. If you play to win, you likely pay some consequences in terms of injury. Come in and see me for pain relief and a faster return to the game.


Soothing massage for expecting mothers. Pregnancy is a time of strain and exhaustion. Massage is a perfect way to cope with the extra demands of pregnancy. Back strain, sore feet and legs are all side effects of pregnancy that can be effectively treated with massage. Pregnant women love a nice relaxing hour long massage and usually drift off to sleep during the treatment.


A stress-busting and soothing massage. Stress is a serious threat to many people’s health. Massage therapy can be an effective treatment to combat stress. A relaxation massage is perfect for someone who does not currently have a specific physical injury or complaint. At Brookstone Massage Therapy, I will be sensitive to how much pressure you want but a good relaxation massage does not mean a feather light, unsatisfying treatment. A good relaxation massage will leave you feeling slightly groggy and very refreshed.

By appointment only:

Monday : 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
Tuesday to Friday : 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday : 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

* Special requests for treatments outside of normal hours will be considered. Call 470-9763 to discuss

30 minutes$ 60.00
30 minutes$ 85.00
1 hour$ 100.00
30 minutes$ 130.00
2 hours$ 185.00

***Taxes Included

Brookstone Massage Therapy accepts Interac, Credit Cards, cheques and cash. Direct Billing is available for most major insurance companies and Veterans Affairs clients.